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According To Jerri – Spring/Summer LUST LIST


Jerri Mokgofe | Picture by: Stacy Van De Walt for Elle September issue (Style Diary)

Jerri Mokgofe is fashion PR consultant, image consultant and founder of the popular blog accordingtojerri.blogspot.com

I asked Jerri what his spring/summer lust list holds for us. Here are some of my favourite items on his list and what Jerri had to say about them.


The PUMA Slipstream made way as an iconic sneaker silhouette in 1988 when it was adopted by basketball players and sneakerheads for its colossal style and unique design.

Inspired by the Tokyo scene in 2002, the Slipstream joined the ranks of Japanese monster lore and became known as the Slipstream Beast with material embellishments in animal prints, leather, and fur.

This season, PUMA’s Future TRNMC Slipstream Lite ZB is nearly an all new silhouette. Staying true to its original outsole and hexagon tread pattern, new design elements include patterns arranged in angles and contrast color-pop to break up the materials. The shoe’s upper is a combination of pony hair and a high gloss snake and zebra-printed canvas, helping to continue this style’s long reign over the high-collared kingdom.

These sneakers are EVERYTHING and we are all over them this season!

atj3 Ray Ban RB 3016

Clubmaster is Ray-Ban’s most iconic model, a genuine best seller with its proud vintage allure that continues to win over new fans.


Ted Baker London is a global lifestyle brand offering menswear, womenswear, accessories and everything in between. Renowned for its high quality AND distinctive use of pattern and colour, the brand’s unconventional approach to fashion, irreverent sense of humour and, above all, unswerving attention to detail appeals to style-conscious men and women who trust Ted to deliver that certain something… a little out of the ordinary.

Not one to blend into the background, Ted’s collections become literal works of art. Rich prints, sharp silhouettes, a palette of paint-box brights and bold brushstrokes in the form of textural and tonal highlights are at the very heart of Spring/Summer. Add to that Ted’s unwavering attention to detail and you have a collection that’s sure to be a real talking point and worthy of a walking exhibit….

atj5 For Fashion Freaks x According to Jerri collaboration. You have to own one this spring/summer.

atj6 What we are reading this summer. You need 2 copies!

atj7 Sexy undertones is what Tom Ford is about. Perfect for our balmy summer nights.

atj8 Jerri Mokgofe Picture by: Prudence Louw for Elle September issue (Style Diary)

The Ultimate Designer Collaboration

High-octane glamour hits the streets in Gavin Rajah for LEGiT


Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Gavin Rajah is known for his ultra-glamorous couture collections that have inspired a loyal following of fashion doyennes both on South African shores and in fashion conscious cities around the world – the designer shows regularly at Fashion Week in New York and Paris.

Now, for the first time, the Gavin Rajah signature look will be available in a ready-to-wear collection for the mainstream market. The designer has partnered with LEGiT to design a summer collection, which is due to hit stores on 25 November 2013.

All the garments in the range were personally designed by Rajah, who sketched each piece and created custom prints exclusively for LEGiT. The silhouettes and detailing are inspired from couture trends for summer 2013/14. These trends were translated into a ready-to-wear collection inspired by youth culture and digital trends embodying the strong, energetic and sexy LEGiT woman.

Rajah says, “Working on this collaboration has been inspiring as it allows me to delight a new audience. The collection will be quintessentially Gavin Rajah, perfect for the glamour of the festive season.”


The Gavin Rajah for LEGiT collection includes dresses, leggings, tops, skirts as well as shoes and accessories allowing shoppers to own the complete Gavin Rajah look, or mix and match with their own pieces. Rajah’s personal favourites are the cocktail dresses, which are party-ready for every occasion on the fashionistas social calendar,

The collection uses luxe fabrics such as jacquard, brocade, and sequins as well as athletic/tech fabrics such as neoprene, lycra and mesh in bold summer colours and geometric detailing.

Accessories such as sophisticated metallic gold woven clutch, shoes in bright summer colours adorned in gold links, and thick woven gold necklaces embellished with gemstones and spikes complete the Gavin Rajah for LEGiT look.

The collection differs from the designer’s couture in its appeal to a younger market and its accessibility – opening up a new generation of Gavin Rajah devotees.

LEGiT strives to bring limited edition ranges to their customers, making high-end fashion accessible to their fashion-forward shoppers. The youth brand started its collaboration ranges last year and these partnerships have strengthened the brand’s market presence.


“This collaboration is a once in a lifetime partnership – we are excited about being able to bring Gavin Rajah’s high-fashion glamour to our fashion-forward customers, ’ says Hazel Pillay Divisional Buyer for LEGit.

The collection will be available in 190 LEGiT stores across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland from 25 November 2013 at a price bracket in keeping with LEGiT’s current ranges.

Interview With “Strictly Come Dancing” Winner – Zakeeya Patel

She’s petite, bubbly and has a zest for life that’s undoubtedly infectious! But is that all? Most certainly not. Actress Zakeeya Patel set the dance floor on fire and went on to win the title of Strictly Come Dancing season 6.


Congrats Zak! How does it feel to be this season’s Strictly Come Dancing winner?

It doesn’t feel real. I can’t believe it’s already over. I remember getting the call from the SABC asking if I wanted to do it and now it’s finished. I am crazy happy! It’s overwhelming! I worked so so hard and to have South Africa acknowledge that fact couldn’t make me happier.

What went through your mind when you heard you were selected to partake in the show?

I was super excited! I love dancing! In retrospect, nothing could have prepared me for this journey- I think you have to be a certain kind of crazy to do a show like this.

How did you feel when your competitors were revealed to you?

I was super honoured and worried. Honoured that I was chosen amongst some of the biggest names in the industry and worried because 50% of the show is about popularity and I am relatively new in the industry.

You and Ryan share amazing chemistry, do you feel blessed to have had him as your partner?

I feel like I have found a soul mate in Ryan- not in a cheesy way but in a very sincere way. I am blessed beyond words to have had him as my guide, teacher and friend on this wonderful journey. He never once took me for granted and always nurtured the potential he saw in me. He pushed me harder every day and taught me a lot about what I am capable of. I am truly blessed to have had him as a partner. I don’t think this sort of chemistry or connection comes about a lot in this life.

Your most memorable moment:

Getting a full house (10.10.10) from the judges during the finale. TWICE! I was at the top of the leader board for week 8, 9 and final show- so whether I had won the voting or not, I felt like I had won already.

Your lowest point in the show: Half way through the show Ryan and I lost a bit of focus. We started getting consumed by the competition and forgot to have fun. We got short and irritable with each other and I knew that was not how I wanted to continue. We chatted candidly and got right back on track. Our goal was always to be better than ourselves and to never stop having fun- which I think we achieved!


Did you think you would get this far AND take the title?

I wanted to win! So I decided to do everything in my power to reach my goal. I visualised that trophy every week and I pushed myself harder and harder everyday.

What kept you and Ryan motivated?

Each other. We were especially good at this. When my focus faded, Ryan would know exactly how to bring me back and when Ryan wasn’t as energetic, he would feed off my never ending reservoir of energy. We really made a formidable team!

Your favourite costume:

My favourite costume- my sexy, black tango dress.

Your favourite dance style you performed: The Tango. The tango is all passion and drama. A dancer once told me the tango is about ‘monumental stillness’. I am all bouncy, outward energy. I loved it so much because it is so different to me. I even created an alter ego, ‘Francesca’ around the dance to help me get into character.

Will you continue with Latin and Ballroom dancing?

If I had time and a partner like Ryan, yes. But realistically I wouldn’t be able to pursue it on the same level as during Strictly. I will however start dancing other styles- I’m very interested in Bollywood and Flamenco dancing.

What did you take from this experience?

The simple truth that the harder you work the luckier you get.

Tell us something we would never have known about Zakeeya?

When I was a little girl I had absolutely no rhythm. I remember vividly my mom and sister laughing in amazement at how little rhythm I had. I also don’t own a tv.

Who is your biggest fan?

My dad! Hands down! I have never come across a prouder dad. He has been the most amazing cheerleader and source of support and council on this journey. I am actually the luckiest girl in the world!

What’s next for Zak?

Everything! Up up and away! But first things first is a new series on SABC1 called “End Game”. It’s a political drama starring the talents of Hlomla Dandala and Bubu Mazibuko and directed by Akin Omotoso. I am super excited to work with and learn from so many new people that I respect and admire so much!

How I Travel The World For Free!

A trader by day, a writer by night – Fin24 user Hasmita Nair tells how she can live her life’s passions, with all expenses paid. I’ve always been passionate about travel, saving every last cent I had to go on one international trip a year.


I’d do my research thoroughly, looking through hundreds of hotel websites and reading countless Trip Advisor reviews before finding “the one”. Often, friends and family would ask me for travel recommendations, and instead of repeating myself, I decided to create an online portal which they could access. I figured a blog was the easiest way to do this, so two years ago I decided to start a travel blog – a virtual scrapbook of showcasing my passion. I found time to update it in my free time, which I didn’t have much of, working full-time as a trader in the treasury department of one of the world’s largest mining companies. My actuarial science background left little room for creativity, and although I always did enjoy reading, I’d never actually written until then.


When not travelling, I was exploring Jozi – all its hotspots and restaurants, and so I decided to call my blog Jozilicious. I shared my foodie finds, blogged about my holidays, and let people know if there was anything they simply had to do in Jozi. I advertised my blog posts on my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, and started out with about 20 views a day. I’m now on 2 000. The blog grew slowly but steadily. Whenever anyone would google the newest restaurant on the Jozi scene, my blog would come up in the top 10 results. I started writing (without compensation) for Getaway magazine’s blog, and included a link to my own blog at the end, which also helped to drive traffic. I hadn’t yet realised any “perks” from my blog, but six months after starting it, I decided to try my luck and reached out to a few hotels to see if they would host me in return for a series of blog posts on my site.


I emailed a luxury 5 star hotel in Mozambique, almost laughing it off as I hit “send”, thinking that there was no way a hotel like that would be interested in hosting a relatively unknown blogger. I got an email the next week from the hotel’s local PR agency, saying that they’d love to host myself and a partner, and could I send our passport details so they could book flights. I was over the moon. Up to this point, all my photos were taken on my phone or Sony Cybershot camera. I realised that readers place huge emphasis on visual content, so I bought a Nikon D5100 SLR camera. My husband, who works in investment banking, and I enrolled in a photography school, him becoming the better photographer. I started getting invited to launches of hotels, spas and restaurants as media, which allowed me to network with other media. At the beginning of this year, I was offered my own Jozilicious bimonthly page in the Life supplement of the Sunday Independent newspaper, covering the same content as the blog. Gauteng Tourism also asked me if I’d write for their blog. And just like that, I became a freelance journalist in my spare time, while my husband’s photography became print quality. I’d spend the afternoon trading dollars and watching the market on my Bloomberg screen at work, then come home, turn on the right hand side of my brain and write. I’m now at a stage where I’m offered more press trips, which are all expenses holidays for myself and a partner, than I have time to take. Last year, we spent December in a hilltop villa in Seychelles, with our own private swimming pool and dedicated butler.


Earlier this year, I had planned to go to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona in my personal capacity. I decided I would write a “Best of Paris” story, and got hosted accommodation at the best hotel in Paris – a 5 star hotel on Champs Elysees. We ate at Michelin starred restaurants, enjoyed spa treatments – all for “research” purposes, not paying a cent. I also got approached by a luxury cruise line, who wanted to know if I’d like to extend my European trip and go on a Mediterranean cruise through the Italian Riviera, ending in Monaco. I took three days of unpaid leave and my husband and I had the time of our lives, eating and drinking to our heart’s content. We enjoyed three weeks in Europe, living like the rich and famous. If this blog has taught me anything, it’s that opportunities don’t just fall into your lap. You have to make some effort. Once you network, contact people influential to your passion, and do a little bit of work yourself, you’ll be rewarded abundantly. Also, when you’re passionate about something, putting in the hours to make it a success feels less like work and more like a hobby. I often get asked if I would ever quit my job and write full-time. While I probably could make a living off blog advertising campaigns and freelance writing, I wouldn’t give up on my love for analytics and numbers. The busier I am, the happier I am, so for now the double life is working out well for me.


The opportunities for bloggers are endless, especially in South Africa, where marketing and PR companies are only just starting to realise the value of online media. You can start a blog about anything from motherhood to fitness. Just identify what you’re passionate about, then visit www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com to set up your blog, which is really easy, even for the technology challenged. Build a readership among family and friends, and soon enough word will spread. Go to as many events relevant to your blog as possible, and don’t be shy to go up to people you follow on Twitter and introduce yourself. The more people who know what you do, the greater your chances of success. More than anything, just be yourself. It’s very easy to tell when a blogger is not authentic, and reader credibility is the cornerstone of any blog. Credit: www.joziliciousblog.co.za

Travel Review – The Oberoi, Mauritius

We decided to spend 5 nights in Mauritius after a holiday in the Seychelles. After much reading and deliberating we decided to stay at The Oberoi.


We stayed in a luxury pavilion which was very well appointed and had a wonderful flow to it. I did initially feel the bathroom and walk-in closet was small but we managed just fine. The bathroom had beautiful finishes and all their products are manufactured by Forest Essentials, one of my favourite ayurvedic beauty ranges. We were given a room overlooking turtle bay and and close to the adult swimming pool which was perfect for us. Their property is stunning. Walking anywhere was such a pleasure because the gardens are so well kept and is a feast for your eyes.

The service is beyond excellent and everyone knows your name from day one and you are greeted whenever you pass a member of staff. While lying on the beach, we had a few special requests for our drinks and not only were they perfect, all the staff that worked at the bar and restaurant were informed of how we liked it and we didn’t have to remind new staff that served us. We greatly appreciated that. My husband need some medication and they gladly called around to find the correct meds for us. Our air-conditioner failed to work on one evening after dinner and they speedily sent a technician to fix it. They then delivered a flower arrangement and a card the next day to apologise for the inconvenience caused. Nothing was too much of an effort for them and was always done with a smile.

The beach isn’t very large but it was perfect for relaxing and swimming. There are two pools to enjoy – the structure and and design of the pool areas is artwork in itself. The food from breakfast, through to lunch, snacks and dinner was outstanding – Michelin star standards for sure! Be sure to make a booking at “on the rocks” in advance as it is small and you want to enjoy dinner here as well. (The grilled lobster with Madagascan vanilla sauce is not to be missed) The main restaurant is fine dining while “on the rocks” is a little more relaxed. We also thoroughly enjoyed dining at the Gunpowder room on one of the seafood evenings. There is always light live music playing during dinner which adds to your evening and creates a wonderful ambience in which to enjoy your meals. A drink at the bar during sunset is a must!

They also have a fantastic senses program with sculptor classes, astronomy lessons, cooking lessons, yoga lessons which are all complimentary. Also make sure you take advantage of the free watersports. The spa was very good and we enjoyed many treatments. The gym is also very well appointed.

It rained on the first night but the weather was wonderful the rest of the time. We hired a boat to go dolphin watching (and we later swam with them) It was our best experience yet.

The service from all the staff and management is incomparable!

Images from the trip: