Fluffy Gluten Free, Low Carb Pancakes

Food is a vital part of my lifestyle, for obvious reasons like sustenance. However, I also enjoy preparing it and enjoying the fruit of my labour thereafter. Most often high fat-low carb take priority, because it keeps my body healthy and me happy. After experimenting with several banting/paleo/primal pancake recipes, and searching for ingredients that

A Rare Seaside Pearl…

We decided to drive from Durban, and at the time I didn't realise how close this little piece of paradise was to us! Just 5 hours to Kosi Bay with no issues at the border. I was pleasantly surprised that the process was quick and efficient and the drive there is a real adventure! Once

Zanzibar, Final chapter: Mnemba Island

Ever since we visited Phinda, I have fallen in love with this luxury travel company - And Beyond. So when I stumbled upon this little piece of heaven, I was thrilled that it was an And Beyond property. After two years of looking at this island, we finally made our way to Mnemba. Many have

Zanzibar, an East African Hideaway

After our tours in Stone Town, it was time to head off to Hideaway of Nungwi, (part of the Leading Hotels of The World group) a 45min drive from Zanzi Resort. I love taking long drives through any city or town. It allows you to see what the locals get up to everyday. The streets

Zanzibar (Part One)

I’m sitting on a beach with soft white sand and a glistening azure ocean before me and I wonder why I haven’t yet written a post about this beautiful place called Zanzibar, an archipelago of islands, with the main one known as Zanzibar. With glistening beaches, cobbled streets, warm people and a taste of the