We decided to drive from Durban, and at the time I didn’t realise how close this little piece of paradise was to us! Just 5 hours to Kosi Bay with no issues at the border. I was pleasantly surprised that the process was quick and efficient and the drive there is a real adventure!

Once we crossed the border, all we could see was a sandy dirt road flanked by the beautiful bush and swamp forests – so you do need a 4×4 or a 4×2 at least!



If you decide to fly to White Pearl Resort, you would need to fly into Maputo and have the option to be collected by helicopter or vehicle – (either from Kosi Bay or Maputo). When we arrived, we were whisked away and welcomed by friendly staff and a magnificent view!  The azure ocean looked ever so enchanting.



The interiors are predominantly white, paired with pale shades of blue and grey, with beautifully textured chandeliers and lamps.


All suites are fresh and inviting and have a breathtaking view of the Indian ocean. The opulent décor also reflects the beauty of the sea. You have a choice of either a beach suite, or a pool suite. Both are luxurious, with their own private pool and an unforgettable view. It wasn’t surprising that I fell in love with the “beach cottage” feel of it. You even get your very own private butler, who is available to take care of all your needs. What a treat!



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Overall, the food and service was excellent. There were 9 rotational menus for dinner, and a great selection for breakfast and lunch. The Piri Piri Chicken on their lunch menu cannot be beaten! I was also temporarily addicted to their homemade chilli sauce and even left with some. The dining areas and most of the resort have an “indoor-outdoor” feel, bringing the beauty of the sand dunes, ocean and foliage inside.




Our trip here was a diving holiday but unfortunately my husband fell ill. The incredible staff went out of their way to obtain medication for him and see to our every need.

My father in law enjoyed his dives and he was well taken care of by Jazz and Lorenzo. (Dive master and assistant at the time) At 71 years of age, he started diving earlier this year and is now a rescue diver. A true inspiration to us all!  On the way back from their final trip they encountered the biggest school of dolphins I have ever seen! (I watched this from our suite) Watching them play in the distance while the ocean glistened was a feast for our eyes.



On our second visit, we went out snorkeling and diving and had a blissful time. If you are not keen on snorkeling, ocean safaris or diving, don’t despair – you can choose from holistic treatments at the spa, to volleyball and horse riding. At the time of our stay, a gym was being constructed, adding another activity to their list.

The grounds and interiors are wonderfully spacious and well designed.

I particularly loved spending time in their main bar with an all-white theme and a terrace that leads right onto the beach. A magical walk on the beach and around the sand dunes, after watching the sunrise was food for my soul each day.








My only gripe about this resort is the outdoor shower, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE outdoor showers, as long as there is an indoor option as well. Inside the suite you have a tub with a handheld shower but no standing shower. So you have to take a shower outside which is great when it is warm, but not when you decide to shower at night and a cold breeze decides to blow.

I have no doubt that we will frequent this gem. It is certainly worth a visit, you will not regret your stay here.

Ponta Do Ouro, a small beach side town is close by, you can take a drive to a nearby beer shack to enjoy a drink while watching the sun set, visit a few rustic restaurants or take a stroll through an open air market.

They do offer special rates for South African residents, so don’t delay! Your next getaway is waiting for you at White Pearl Resort, Ponta Mamoli.

Note: Suite photos borrowed from www.Whitepearlresort.com